Peter Jones

In Overseas, Just Truckn Around, August 20191 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineAugust 23, 2019

Craig McCauley caught up with Peter Jones recently on the highway between Emerald and Claremont in Central Queensland. He has clocked up 33 years behind the wheel and was driving a Kenworth T909 AB-triple (a triaxle semi with a B-double attached to the rear of it via a tri-axle dolly), for Duggan Bulk Haulage of Emerald. Named ‘Casual Affair‘, the T909 was anything but, painted in Duggan‘s white and red livery with large colourful Autism Awareness messages on the trailer bins. The combination is a standout on Queensland‘s roads.

He had not long finished giving the complete road-train a wash and was looking forward to having the rest of the day off before heading away to Moranbah the following morning to collect a load for Mt Isa. When questioned about issues facing the Australian trucking industry, Peter thought overzealous compliance by authorities regulating many sectors of the trucking industry had to rate among them. It was close to lunchtime when the writer and Peter were talking, and the topic of tucker seemed to be a good one to end the interview on. Would he prefer a steak or a plate of the ocean‘s finest bounty? Peter answered lightening quick, “steak”.

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