Power Retreads approves Vipal agricultural tyres

3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineOctober 21, 2020

New Zealand‘s Vipal Rubber partner Power Retreads, has tested Vipal‘s vulcanised blocks used to retread tyres on fertiliser spreaders in the relugging process and obtained approval across the board. Dave Leicester, director of Power Retreads, says there has been a 53% improvement in the mileage of newly relugged tyres compared with a new tyre. 

As such Power Retreads has made Vipal‘s vulcanised blocks available to its customers in the New Zealand market, offering this new and specific service for tyres used on small trucks that travel both on highways and in the field, where they are used to spread fertiliser on grass paddocks, on flat and hilly terrain. 

“The tests carried out on Vipal‘s relugged tyres, both on the rear and front axles, have shown excellent performance,” Leicester says, adding the tyres provide good traction both uphill and downhill on slick grassy surfaces. 

“They have also had good mileage performance on the road compared with new tyres.” Leicester also says that drivers, who at first feared that the vehicle would vibrate, said that “the truck works well and they are very happy with the performance of Vipal’s relugged tyres”. 

Power Retreads is the first Vipal customer in New Zealand to offer this service, which competes with new tyres from Asia in the segment. However, the retreaded tyre has the advantage. Since vehicles travel not only in the field but also on paved roads, the corners of the block tend to wear down on new tyres, eventually losing traction, and have to be removed from service early. With relugging, this wear is avoided, making it possible to obtain higher tyre performance. 

Power Retreads sales manager Jason McCabe confirms this. “These types of tyres are removed at the beginning of winter as the edges of the block begin to wear out. What‘s good about Vipal‘s relugging is that the edges look good and sharp, which also increases the tyre‘s life.” 

Leicester notes that agribusiness is the backbone of New Zealand‘s economy, representing more than 10% of the country‘s GDP. “Power Retreads understands the importance of the rural sector, that‘s why it began relugging tyres for fertiliser spreader trucks with Vipal Rubber, which provides an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option for the agricultural transport segment,” he says. 

“Vipal Rubber takes great satisfaction in seeing that its products are approved by customers worldwide, and when this confirmation comes spontaneously and with very significant results, as is the case with our customer Power Retreads, it is proof that we are on the right path: investing in products with high technology and superior quality,” says Dijan Rigo, regional coordinator of Vipal Rubber.