Pre-series production of fuel cells: site visit in Esslingen

1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineOctober 6, 2020

In June 2020, Daimler Truck AG announced that it was consistently driving forward series production of fuel cells with Daimler Truck Fuel Cell GmbH & Co. KG. In the past 10 years, experts from Daimler have already built up extensive know-how in this field and have developed production methods and processes. In close cooperation with their colleagues in Vancouver, Canada, and with the ongoing fuel-cell development activities, the Stuttgart-based experts are transferring that experience to the direct preliminary stage of future series production. Investments are being made in new state-of-the-art facilities covering every single process stage of fuel cell production. Pre-series production will take place at a new site in Esslingen-Pliensauvorstadt near Stuttgart, which is currently under construction. Operations there are scheduled to start next year. As already announced in June, the site for subsequent series production will be decided at a later date in the planned joint venture with the future partner, the Volvo Group.

Pictured visiting the site in Esslingen-Pliensauvorstadt are: Dr Christian Mohrdieck (managing director of Daimler Truck Fuel Cell GmbH & Co. KG), Marc Grün (Esslingen Economic Development Agency), Jürgen Zieger (Mayor of Esslingen), and Andreas Gorbach (managing director and CEO of Daimler Truck Fuel Cell GmbH & Co. KG).