Reliable information for truck drivers during the Covid-19 lockdown period

6 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMarch 27, 2020

As New Zealand enters level 4 shutdown, road transport will play an essential role in getting the country through it all – keeping shelves stocked, families fed, and delivering essential supplies where and when needed.

There is a need for transporters, drivers and everyone involved in the road transport industry to feel confident that their basic needs can be met, and that they can keep the wheels of their vehicles turning over the coming weeks.

New Zealand Trucking Media has created numerous resources as a way of keeping the trucking community informed during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

  • The first of these is the ‘NZ Trucking lockdown guide for food, bathrooms and parts & service‘ Facebook page. 

As trucks are rolling up and down the country providing essential distribution services, questions have been raised as to where drivers can use bathrooms and find food and drinks. The idea behind the Facebook page is for drivers to share information with each other as they make their way around the country.

The Facebook page is rapidly gaining reach, with more than 1000 followers in 24 hours of being live.

  • New Zealand Trucking Media has also launched a web page with details of where truck drivers and operators can get food, have their trucks and trailers serviced, and where restrooms and accommodation are available.

Parts and servicing:

North Island food and rest areas: 

South Island food and rest areas:

All Covid-19 related links are pooled here: 

If you are an essential services provider allowed to trade as such during the lockdown period, get in touch with us so we can share your info. To list with us email

This is a free site to list on but we ask that you ensure you are cleared to operate as deemed by the New Zealand Government on the essential services list ( 

  • New Zealand Trucing Media has launched a new podcast series called ‘Keep on Moving‘. 

Episode one is out now and features trucks at the front line of Covid-19. Dave McCoid and Matt Smith talk to driver and business owner John Baillie, and RTF CEO Nick Leggett, to get their perspectives on the situation. 

  • Finally, New Zealand Trucking Media will continue to keep its readers and followers updated via all its existing channels online, as and when important, official information comes to light.

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New Zealand Trucking Media has gained the backing of the Road Transport Forum in this endeavour. “The RTF is fully aware of the need for truck drivers to be informed at all times during this fast-changing situation and is in support of the need for dedicated digital information services,” comments RTF CEO Nick Leggett.

“The road freight industry is reminding central and local government of the importance of freight that starts with a truck but involves a complex web of support services down to somewhere for drivers to safely stop and rest.

“RTF has also voiced our concerns that there are very limited food options available and, worse still, that toilet facilities appear to be very limited. It also cannot be guaranteed that they are being sanitised after every use. This is a priority and we are working with Government on a solution.

“We will be talking to Government throughout this pandemic to ensure road freight has the support required so that people don‘t have to stress about having vital supplies during lockdown.” 

Please note: While we have received numerous messages and post comments by generous members of the public, offering to provide drivers with food, etc., we respectfully remind everybody to abide by all official rules and guidelines during the lockdown period. This is of utmost importance. Furthermore, given the glut of information circulating at this time, we will do our best to only share information that comes via official channels or provided by those deemed as essential services providers.

As ever, we salute all members of the transport and related industries for the valuable work they do. Keep on trucking.

For more information contact:

Dave McCoid
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Matthew Smith
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