RMD fleet no. 103

In Mt Maunganui, visiting RMD, we found a matching pair of twin 2004 Western Star 4964FX bulk units. The rigs are true one-owner trucks that were built to wear the famous teal blue. Nearly 20 years later, both are still rocking the livery.

Still relatively new to the New Zealand market in 2004, the 4900 series Constellation Western Star was a head-turner with its bold North American DNA. RMD fleet No.103 is no exception, with its long hood, tall alloy-sided bins and short, stocky twin exhaust stacks.

The truck has been a solid performer for RMD, with some 2,500,000km on the clock. But, as always, there is a little history along the way. In 2008, at about 500,000km, the Cummins Signature 600 was rebuilt under warranty because of excessive oil consumption. Another engine rebuild was to follow in 2011 at about 1,000,000km, with a third in 2017 at close to 1,800,000km. It got a new turbo at 2,200,000km and a transmission at just over 2,400,000km.

Recently, the truck was involved in an incident necessitating repair, and the opportunity was seized to give the unit a well-deserved birthday. A ground-up restoration was administered, including a fresh coat of RMD blue laid out in the new scheme with a cool retro twist.

Fleet No.103 new on the road. The big 4900 series Western Stars were standouts, especially with that North American extended hood DNA.