RMD fleet no. 137

It is a similar story with fleet No.137. Another eye-catcher, it sat on the Western Star display stand at the 2005 Truck and Heavy Equipment Expo at Mystery Creek. No.137 was almost identical to No.103, with an 18-speed Roadranger and Rockwell rear end, virtually sharing each other’s spec sheet except for the iron under the hood – No.137 was built with a C15 Caterpillar. Fleet No.137 has close to 2,400,000km on its clock now, and as we have come to expect with those box-ticks on the spec sheet, reliability and longevity are a given.

Fleet No.137 has enjoyed a similar run as No.103, with an engine rebuild at 890,000km and a transmission refurbishment at 1,200,000km. A set of engine bearings were rolled in at 1,500,000km, and a new turbo at 2,205,000km. A second engine rebuild followed not long after at 2,270,000km. Unfortunately, at 2,310,000km, it was in the wrong place at the wrong time and found itself in need of repairs. Again, RMD grabbed the opportunity to bring the unit bang up to date, including applying the new ‘old-skool’ livery graphics to the cab and bonnet.

The overall appearance and condition of No.137, just like No.103, is a credit to RMD’s in-house workshop team and the various pilots that have held the tiller. It proves that the correct spec for an application, along with continual attention to repairs and maintenance, dramatically affects the life expectancy of an earning asset.

Fleet No.137 enjoying the limelight on the Western Star stand at the 2005 Truck and Heavy Equipment Expo.