Road Safety Truck Roundup October 2021

In News, October 20211 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineNovember 7, 2021

North Canterbury students from Rangiora Borough School thoroughly enjoyed the visit from the Road Safety Truck. It’s a big school with close to 600 students so the Truck stayed overnight so that every student could participate. Huge engagement from the students and teachers as the students worked there way through the programme. The school is located in the middle of town so trucks go past all day and to access the school in all directions you need to cross major roads. The students leant about blind zones, stopping distances and when they climbed in and sat in the drivers seat they learnt what the driver can and can’t see. Each student was given a workbook that is full of activities and safety tips. Feedback from parents after the visit is that the Road Safety Truck workbook has become a favourite and the whole family has read it. The team had a great time and we are pretty sure there are some future truck drivers in this bunch of students.