Ryco service tools and accessories make mechanics‘ job easier

2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJuly 17, 2017

The range of tools and accessories now available from Ryco have been designed and developed with strong trade expertise input to make the role of the service mechanic easier.

With more than 80 years‘ experience, Ryco‘s knowledge of what is required by a mechanic to complete a job effectively and efficiently is all part of the company‘s ongoing commitment to innovation and service.

As an example, it is now much easier to replace an in-tank fuel filter in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer‘s service requirements thanks to the RST100 In-Tank Filter Removal Tool. Filter locking rings, which can be easily damaged when removing a filter, are now available as a separate item.

The specialist in-tank tool kit is made of durable laser-cut nitrided steel with anti-rust coating that comes in a kit containing a master tool plus four attachments.

Since the launch of the in-tank tool kit, a special attachment set has been released. RST101 provides four extensions to help with the removal of the in-tank fuel filter in Honda vehicles and more are under development.

Spin-on oil filters are sometimes mounted in inaccessible places, making removal and refitting difficult. To overcome this Ryco developed an eight-cup kit that includes four designed specifically to suit all Ryco unique fluted spin-on filters. It fits can sizes from 65mm to 101mm diameter and includes a 3/8” drive adjustable removal tool and a hex wrench, all in a plastic carry kit. The cups are also available for separate purchase.

The RST300 Ryco Flexible funnel removes the problem of draining oil from difficult locations. The flexible plastic construction of the funnel with its aluminium core allows rigidity, yet it can also easily be shaped to suit the job at hand. The funnel is suitable for a range of fluids including oil and transmission fluid, and wipes clean after use.

These popular timesaving filter-related service tools are available from leading Ryco stockists throughout Australia and New Zealand. For further information visit the Ryco website www.ryco.co.nz/products/tools