Scania dominates its home market in 2020

In News, Scania, November 20202 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJanuary 8, 2021

Scania became the market leader in Sweden in 2020. Our Swedish International Truck of the Year jury colleague, Rutger Andersson, says that according to statistics published by Bilsweden, 2247 new heavy Scania trucks were registered – this was around 150 more than home rival brand Volvo. During the full year, the two domestic manufacturers increased their market shares to 45.3% (44.2% in 2019) and 42.2% (39.6%), respectively. 

With a share of 7.6% (10.0%) percent, Mercedes-Benz became the largest import brand. This was followed by MAN with 2.6% (3.1%), DAF 1.6% (2.1%) and Iveco 0.1% (0.2%). 

During the last month of the year, the total Swedish market decreased by almost 20% to 431 units. Looking at the full year it decreased by 25% to 4959 compared to 6652 in 2019, which was a record year in Sweden. However, compared to other years 2020 was still a decent year when it comes to new heavy trucks. 

2016 to 2019 were four peak years when the total market in Sweden fluctuated around or above the 6000-unit level, but before that there were four years when it landed between 4300 and 4900 heavy trucks. 

The forecast for 2021 is, in these times, very uncertain. However, looking at the order intake several of the heavy manufacturers reported during the [European] autumn, a very cautious forecast will be around 5500 units.