Scania introduces digital dashboard

In News, Scania5 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMarch 23, 2023

Scania has unveiled digital dashboards for its trucks and buses, based on a modular electronics architecture and accompanied by a range of new safety features.

According to Scania, Smart Dash is the building block for paving the way for digital services, increased safety and improved user experiences for customers and drivers.

“This introduction represents a step change in Scania’s offering within the transport ecosystem,” said Stefan Dorski, senior vice president, head of Scania Trucks.

“What our customers will experience in Smart Dash-equipped vehicles is the palpable part of Scania’s next level offer and ambition regarding digitalisation, connectivity and safety,” he said.

‘It all boils down to enabling outstanding user experiences when combining Scania vehicles and our digital services and solutions.”

Features of the dashboard include:

  • Smart Dash, a digital dashboard with Centre Information Display
  • Offering seamless daily digital support for drivers and operators together with solutions such as My Scania and Scania Driver App
  • New electrical system architecture, compliant with the EU’s new General Safety Regulation and the UN’s new cybersecurity regulations
  • Enabling OTA updates, potentially via superfast 5G connections
  • Improved human machine interface (HMI) – the Smart Dash solution is essential to Scania’s increased focus on safety.

Smart Dash has been developed in accordance with Scania’s modular system for digital tailored solutions. It comes in different performance steps, but they all have the modular structure in common, providing seamless co-existence with other digital Scania solutions such as My Scania or Scania Driver App.

“We regard Smart Dash as a core part of our digital ecosystem and as a great means for empowering the drivers,” said Dorski. “It will give them superior access to all kinds of relevant information when driving and support them in performing other kinds of tasks when they have parked via, for instance, Scania Driver App and My Scania. These solutions are all linked together and offer a truly productive user experience.”

The new EU General Safety Regulations will make various safety-oriented features mandatory for heavy commercial vehicles from July 2024. The new regulations, UNECE R155 and R156, will also apply to cybersecurity technologies, aiming at preventing and mitigating tampering with vehicles. Scania has developed a new electrical system architecture, common for both trucks and buses. This new architecture enables smarter and quicker communication, cybersecurity at an even higher level and complies with the new demands.

“For Scania, these new demands coincide with our ambition for creating a solutions-oriented architecture that supports our customers on their digitalisation journey,” said Dorski.

“The next level of premium experiences in the trucking industry will focus a lot on the kind of connected functionality in and around the truck we offer. Over-the-air updates and smart services on demand will create new opportunities for Scania customers and make their operations safer and more profitable with increased uptime and efficiency.”

Scania is increasing its focus on active safety systems with new generation cameras, radar and sensors. The introduction of new supportive safety and warning systems will help drivers to avoid the kind of incidents that often occur in busy and cramped urban environments.

Dorski said there has been increased customer expectations for supportive safety features.

“Aspects such as influence from the passenger car side may have been an eye-opener for many to become aware of how useful these systems are,” he said. “Not only will they save lives, they will also help increase productivity while reducing stress levels and burdens for the drivers, making them more street-smart.”

Scania owners will also be able to use smart Connected maps for their navigation systems and to enjoy OTA updates for their vehicles, vastly reducing the need for attending Scania workshops for software updates.

The different performance steps of Smart Dash will replace Scania’s current solutions and can be ordered now for trucks that will be produced early in 2024.