Scania NZ launches first electric trucks

In News, Scania3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJune 10, 2022

Scania New Zealand has unveiled its first fully electric truck, one of two it has brought into the country at the moment.

The trucks are first-generation battery electric vehicles (BEVs). They weigh in at 29 tonne (GCVW) and are available with the option of either five or nine batteries – totalling 165kWh or 300kWh. Each has a range of up to 250km and are suitable for either short- or medium-haul journeys.

The electric motor delivers maximum continuous power of 230kW (310hp) and peak power of 295kW (395hp). Maximum continuous torque is 1300Nm, with the peak of 2200Nm. The motor has two gears to provide high power over a wider speed span, thereby improving comfort. A 60kW electronic PTS is installed.

“By 2025, Scania has a global goal to achieve a 20% reduction in carbon emissions of its produced vehicles, comparing to 2015 – that by that date electrified vehicles will account for 10 percent of its total sales volumes worldwide, increasing to 50 percent by 2030,” says Scania New Zealand MD Rafael Alvarenga, adding that Scania New Zealand’s goals fall in line with these targets.

Globally Scania has committed to launching at least one new electric product application every year.

“Bringing in these fully electric trucks is not a one-off, instead they represent a genuine factory-led solution to sustainable transport in Aotearoa by Europe’s premier truck manufacturer,” he adds.

“Scania NZ is as serious in its commitment to building a battery electric truck fleet in Aotearoa as our customers are. Acquiring an electric truck is not just an investment in the customer’s fleet, but also in their brand and market. An electric truck enables the customer to stay ahead of the competition, learn about infrastructural challenges and start adapting for the future,” says Alvarenga.

 Scania’s global headquarters in Sweden selected New Zealand as one of the first markets outside of Europe to launch this model because of New Zealand’s promotion of and access to renewable energy, the unique application of these vehicles, as well as Scania New Zealand’s proven ability to be a market leader.

The two Scania BEVs are being purchased by Reliance Transport as part of the second stage of Reliance’s Project SWITCH. The trucks are expected to be operational later this year.

Read the full report in the July 2022 issue of New Zealand Trucking magazine.