Scania ranks tops for NZ truckies

In News, Scania4 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMay 4, 2023

 New Zealand’s truckies are a discerning bunch, with strong interest in the vehicle makes and models available to them, and strong support for their chosen brands of truck. In a recent online survey to gauge these interests and opinions, Scania came out trumps.

Of the total respondents, 52% were heavy truck drivers and a further 23% were owner/operators or have direct employment with the heavy truck industry. Of truck brands driven by respondents, Scania, Kenworth and Volvo accounted for 29%, 28% and 18% respectively, with all others together accounting for the remaining 25%.

These three brands were also the top preferred trucks respondents would like to own or drive given the choice – with Scania attracting 69% of respondents, Kenworth 55% and Volvo 45%.

The same three brands were shown to lead the truckie consciousness in the seven main categories of the survey, which gauged respondents’ top choice of truck in each.

The category comfort asked respondents about the trucks from which brand they considered to be ‘driver focussed and a great place to spend time’. Scania revealed a commanding lead being selected by 40% of respondents as No.1 in comfort, followed by 17% selecting Volvo as No.1, and 14% selecting Kenworth No.1.

The category safety asked the respondents to select the brand that offers all the latest safety features and technology. Thirty-nine percent of respondents selected Scania No.1 in safety, followed again by Volvo at 20% and Kenworth with 13%.

Sustainability asked respondents about the brand they see as ‘doing their bit for people and the planet’. Scania was selected No.1 in sustainability by 35% of respondents, followed by Volvo being selected as No.1 by 21% of respondents, and Kenworth by 13%.

The category performance was summed up as ‘delivers all you need, from torque to tonnage’. Scania led this category with 33% of respondents selecting the brand No.1, it was followed by Kenworth at 21% and Volvo with 16% of the No.1 vote.

Efficiency emphasised low running costs. Scania led here again being selected No.1 in efficiency by 32% of respondents, Kenworth followed once more at 17% and Volvo at 16%.

In service and parts respondents were asked to consider locations and availability. Scania was selected by 31% of respondents as No.1 for service and parts, followed by Kenworth at 23% and Volvo at 15%.

Finally, respondents were asked to rank their overall top choice – considering the full package. Here, 36% of respondents selected Scania No.1, 19%, selected Kenworth No.1, and 15% selected Volvo No.1.

In response to the survey, Scania NZ managing director, Rafael Alvarenga, said there is nothing better for a brand and a team than to see the results of its focus and effort strongly validated by its most important critics – its customers and industry peers.

“The Scania NZ team works tirelessly to make its customers’ needs its top priority, so to come out as number one across so many categories, from safety to comfort and performance to sustainability, is incredibly rewarding and motivating as we always continue to look to improve,” he added.