SCR Solutions Ltd celebrates 10th anniversary

5 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJanuary 26, 2018

Back in 2008 when Greg Jorey, managing director of SCR Solutions, was looking for exhaust emission systems, he came across a product called AdBlue. After researching the product, he discovered most European trucking manufacturers were incorporating this system into their new trucks and he knew that AdBlue would eventually be required in New Zealand.

SCR Solutions partnered with Yara International because they were the world‘s largest manufacturer of Hot-Melt AdBlue, and is widely accepted across the industry as producing the highest purity grade AdBlue.

The first container of AdBlue arrived in Tauranga when only a handful of trucks using it were on the road in New Zealand. As new trucks started to arrive from Europe, the business started to grow.

A few years on and American manufacturers came on board and started to incorporate AdBlue into their trucks, and with this the demand for the product grew even more. After a few years there was a noticeable shift from 1000L IBCs to bulk tanks, prompting the need for SCR Solutions to start a bulk delivery service.

With the volumes steadily increasing pressure was mounting on the major fuel companies to provide AdBlue at the truck stops. SCR Solutions was instrumental in helping BP provide AdBlue at the pump and they not only supply BP with AdBlue but also build all their above-ground AdBlue Tanks. SCR Solutions also fill a number of the ZDEC Tanks around the country for Z Energy.

“Over the years the market has seen other AdBlue suppliers come and go and there have been plenty of horror stories. AdBlue in the diesel tank, diesel in the AdBlue tank – we have even seen AdBlue in the radiator and windscreen washer bottle. One truckie was told by his AdBlue supplier to change the AdBlue filters on his truck monthly to stop the AdBlue clogging the system; obviously not Hot-Melt AdBlue, and obviously poor quality AdBlue.”

Greg Jorey outside the new warehouse with the Air1 bowser

Greg points out that SCR Solutions has never had a contamination issue, which is something they are very proud of.

When asked why SCR Solutions stands out, Greg says it‘s their knowledge of the product, knowledge of the industry, and their one-stop-shop that provides both the dispensing gear and the AdBlue.

“We listen to our customers and provide them with what they want. We make it easy for the transport companies to go about their business and take the hassle out of obtaining AdBlue.”

SCR Solutions has developed its own cloud-based dispenser system, so they can monitor their customers‘ tank levels and provide them with a monthly usage report, which the customer gets free of charge if their AdBlue volumes warrant it.

“With storage locations all around New Zealand we have eliminated a lot of the freight costs, and it also makes it easy to bulk fill customers from these locations. Nothing is a problem and we stand by our products. With well over 100 of our own bulk tanks that we have in truck yards and bus depots around New Zealand, we have put a designated AdBlue maintenance vehicle on the road to carry out regular check-ups on our equipment to avoid supply disruptions to our customers.”

Greg says looking to the future, as a result of customer requests they will be rolling out their own weights and measures approved dispensers.

“This will help extend our network around the country, making it easier for customers to get AdBlue when they need it. It will be interesting to see where technology takes us in another 10 years, but for now we will celebrate that past 10 years and tomorrow it will be business as usual.”