Sebco introduces SmartFill

2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJune 26, 2017

Sebco are manufacturers and suppliers of New Zealand‘s leading range of tanks for farming and industry for the storage and dispensing of diesel, diesel exhaust fluids (such as AdBlue®, GoClear®, AlliedBlue®, etc) and waste oil.

Sebco have been in the market for 10 years now and have consistently strived to meet the market‘s needs, producing innovative products that solve problems for end users. They are consistently looking for areas to develop easier, safer, more secure, cleaner, compliant, and easy monitoring products.

With the introduction of the internet-based SmartFill system into their fluid management range, Sebco have done it again.

The SmartFill fluid management system automatically stores all fuel records for your tank online, recording all data regarding fuel usage for your tank for accounting purposes. A simple to use web-based system lets you see remotely all the information you require. This eliminates the need for a staff member to travel out to the tank site to access data for fuel reporting. Therefore all fuel security, usage, reporting and reconciliation can be easily managed from the office.

These units can be installed on both Sebco Diesel and Blue Stations and are perfect for the large user who has multiple users dispensing from their tanks. Sebco are also making SmartFill units available for larger bulk installations where the Sebco tank range may not be big enough.

For more information on Sebco tanks and the SmartFill system visit or phone the team at Sebco on 0800 473 226.