SH1 north side of Kaikoura closed at 1 pm today, south side to close at 8pm tonight/Wednesday

2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineNovember 28, 2018

State Highway 1, north of Kaikoura, closed to traffic at 1 pm today after a slip south of Paparoa Point spread across the rail line and road.

“With 50-75mm of rain forecast to fall this afternooon and tonight, the NZ Transport Agency decided to close the highway to the north earlier this afternoon. The south side will also close tonight at 8 pm due to concerns around rockfall,” says Transport Agency Network Operations Manager, Tresca Forrester.

Today‘s slip south of Paparoa Point, north of Kaikoura. The material is extremely slippery and continuing to spread as rain continues to fall on sodden soil

  • The northern closure of SH1, in place from 1 pm today and overnight, is between Clarence and Mangamaunu.
  • South of Kaikoura, SH1 will close between Oaro and Peketa from 8 pm. There will be a soft (manned checkpoint) closure at the Leader Road, north of Cheviot, so drivers are aware there will be no access to Kaikoura from the south side of SH1.

The aim is to reopen the highway both sides of Kaikoura at 9 am Thursday, once geotechnical checks have been done, says Ms Forrester.

  •  The Inland Road (Route 70 via Waiau) is still open for access to Kaikoura.
  •  Picton to Christchurch traffic should take the Lewis Pass Alternate Route.

Overnight (Tuesday night) slip on the Hundalees, south of Kaikoura, cleared at first light Wednesday

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