Significant changes on SH2 near Bayfair, Tauranga

3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineAugust 21, 2020

The NZ Transport Agency advises a new temporary signalised pedestrian crossing will be operational across the full width of State Highway 2 Maunganui Road from the week commencing 24 August, as part of the Bay Link project.

Portfolio delivery manager Darryl Coalter says the first phase of the pedestrian crossing was implemented in February.

“Since then, a new underpass has been included in the design, which has meant the crossing needs to move further north by approximately 50 metres to allow for a suitable construction zone.”

The existing underpass will close at the same time the new crossing is introduced to allow for demolition to begin and to clear the way for construction of the new underpass.

“Since the announcement in April, the detailed design for the new underpass has progressed substantially; appreciating that it is complex to add a structure into the project at such an advanced stage of construction.

“Removing pedestrians from this area enables the team to undertake more extensive work in this zone related to the ground improvements, bridge abutments for the Bayfair flyover and construction of the new underpass,” says Coalter.

The new crossing is located between entrances three and four to the Bayfair Shopping Centre on the southbound side of SH2 and along from Golf 360 on the northbound (Matapihi) side.

“There may be some initial delays while people adjust to the new layout,” says Coalter.

The footpath on the northbound side will be extended to connect with the new temporary signalised crossing. A marked route through the Bayfair carpark and alongside the shopping centre will connect pedestrians with Girven Road.

“An independent safety team has reviewed the crossing design and we will be reinstating the safety escorts for the first two weeks as an additional safety measure.”

Signage will advise motorists of the new road layout, and the crossing will include high friction surfaces to facilitate safe stopping and highlight the crossing. A temporary 30kph speed limit will apply in this area for the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and road workers.

Safety escorts will be located at the crossing for two weeks from Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm, and Saturday to Sunday, 9am to 4pm. Cyclists will be required to dismount prior to crossing for their safety, and that of pedestrians and other road users.

The works to install the crossing are weather dependent and the opening of the crossing may need to be delayed in the event of unsuitable weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

NZ Transport Agency acknowledges this is a considerable change for all road users and urges everyone to take extra care while adjusting to the new layout.