Silvan – Diesel transfer made easy

3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineDecember 15, 2017

Business profile 

Established in 1962 in Australia, Silvan has been a pioneer in the development and manufacture of agricultural machinery. Its head office, administration, research and development, and manufacturing operations are located in Melbourne. Silvan set up its New Zealand operation in 2005, based in Hamilton.

Silvan incorporates Silvan Spraying Equipment and Selecta agricultural and hardware merchandise and accessories.

New Zealand national sales manager David Lawson says Silvan offers diesel transfer units ranging between 100-litre and 2200-litre capacity.

“These products are mainly used on farms for use in diesel vehicles. They can just put the transfer unit on the back of the ute and transfer it straight into the tractor or whatever they need it for.”



The 400Ltr Diesel Pro 12v Pump Cover. An ideal product on the back of a workshop ute for rescuing the driver who never quite got the math right. 

The tanks are made from diesel grade polyethylene and are impact resistant and UV stabilised.

David says the key features are the ease of use and the time savings.

“They come completely assembled, so they can literally take it out of the box and use it, there are no set-up procedures. They aren‘t having to go into town to fill up with diesel, so it‘s a major advantage, particularly for those who are in remote areas out of town.”

Silvan offer two different pump ranges, the Selecta Diesel Power 12V and the Italian-made Piusi pump.

“The Asian-sourced pump is the economy version, and it has a 40-litre per minute application rate. The Italian pumps are 45-litres per minute, and the 2200-litre tank is fitted with a high-flow 85-litre per minute pump.”

Silvan is represented in New Zealand by its reseller national dealer network of machinery dealers and Selecta merchandise dealers.

David says Silvan‘s sales have been steadily increasing and seasonal mailers are sent out to about 85,000 rural addresses across New Zealand.