Soaring like an eagle

In August 2023, Million Mile Club3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 24, 2023

Our second inductee is the 2000 International 9900i Eagle tractor unit of Christchurch-based Samgal Logistics. On the road new, it was a head-turner, with a tri-axle semi-tanker in tow, it delivered fuel for the newly launched Challenge petrol station chain. The 9900i then went through a series of owners, including Trans Otway and New Zealand Lumber (NZL). A small flat-roof sleeper cab was fitted at NZL, giving it a unique look.

A move to the Mainland was next, which is when the Eagle donned the Halls silver livery. Once again, the 9900i’s new paint job was striking. The mix of a big bonnet and set-forward front axle, with fresh paint and lots of chrome, will always turn heads.

At Samgal Logistics, the 9900i Eagle’s assigned driver is Jarrod Hurst. Jarrod is a diesel mechanic by trade and is enthusiastic about the spec and condition of the truck. “It’s awesome; one of those trucks with a tonne of character. Starting it up in the morning, you have to stand outside it to do your paperwork because the lumpy warm-up idle of the Gen-2 Signature Cummins rocks the cab so much, you can’t write anything without making a mess of it.

“It has been a strong truck; good gear and nothing really to go wrong except for the usual culprits like the water pump, alternator, turbo… But that’s all just maintenance, really. We have fitted a new stainless-steel bumper and swapped a lot of the lights out for Dual Revolution LED lighting from Trux Accessories.”

Jarrod is kept busy with the Eagle on all manner of bulk metro throughout Canterbury, the odd leg-stretch out to Picton for a swap, or express down to Dunedin. “Yeah, it is one of those trucks that just makes you smile when driving it, even at 23 years of age,” says Jarrod. Looking at it, you can see why.

With its extended hood and set-forward front axle, the 9900i is as American as baseball and apple pie.
The 9900i has a night glow of its own, with Dual Revolution LED lighting from Trux Accessories. Photos: Jarrod Hurst.