SouthFuel truck drivers to go on strike

In News2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 2, 2022

Fuel tanker truck drivers at SouthFuels have issued a strike notice.

The strike will last two months, from 12 September to 12 November 2022.

According to FIRST Union, the drivers are striking for equal conditions.

Under the new entity of Fern, a joint venture fuel business between Southfuels and Farmlands, SouthFuels drivers work beside other drivers who receive time and a quarter for all hours worked over 40, while SouthFuels drivers earn a $5.50 allowance per hour after 50 hours.

Drivers are fighting for time and a quarter after 40 hours for all.

SouthFuels delivers fuel and lubricants to the primary industries in Aotearoa.

First Union said the company refuses to agree to the equality position the members are requesting and an industry standard request.

FIRST Union transport organiser Justin Wallace said drivers at several petroleum haulage companies with collective agreements all get time and a quarter when they work over a full-time work week (40 hours) and these companies make up almost all fuel delivery drivers in New Zealand.

“Time and a quarter after 40 hours is now the industry standard and drivers at Southfuels are seeking equality with that,” he said.

“They have taken the decision to ensure the same job/same pay for everyone.”

Wallace said the drivers are in high spirits and just want to get on with the job.

“They just want a fair deal, they like their jobs and just want to get on with it. They feel they are being undervalued by their employer in recognition of the hours they work and they want equality with fellow drivers within the Fern business.”