Special Rigs 4 Special Kids 2017

2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 29, 2017

Organiser Greg Inch with a smile a mile wide

This event for some has become the shining light in a daily struggle – a way to forget and just enjoy.

Special Rigs 4 Special Kids was held for the 26th time in Dunedin on 27 August. With the goal of providing an unforgettable experience for those kids who have special needs, this year‘s event was nearly cancelled due to a complaint from a member of the public about passenger restraints.

What it‘s all about. Nineteen-month-old James Russell had a great time in the NZ Couriers Scania (below) driven by Corbyn Cook.

Luckily common sense prevailed and the day went smoothly as per usual. Greg Inch and his team of tireless volunteers run this event like
clockwork these days. The gifts from the amazing sponsors of the event were sorted into gift bags the night before. These are then given to the children with special needs when they register at the Edgar Centre before pairing up with a driver and being taken to their truck for the trip around Dunedin and Mosgiel.

With 190 trucks in the convoy, numbers were slightly down on previous years, but the streets were once again lined with spectators along the route to watch the trucks and wave out to the passengers, who had the time of their lives and a memory that will last for a long time to come.

A beautifully restored International Acco joined the convoy in the well-known Maxwell Bros colours.

McKillop Contracting Freightliner Coronado.

Icon Logistics.