State Highway 2 gets further boost for safety improvements

In News2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineFebruary 17, 2022

Flexible median barriers and an upgrade to an additional six intersections between Tetley Road and Esdaile Road will take place on State Highway 2 as part of safety improvements by Waka Kotahi.

Waka Kotahi director of regional relationships David Speirs said the majority of deaths and injuries can be avoided by making relatively simple, yet effective changes to this section of road.

“There are many reasons crashes happen and we need a mix of solutions that all work together to keep people safe. We need everyone making safe choices, in safe vehicles, on safe roads and travelling at safe speeds,” he said.

Work to improve this 40km corridor, including road and shoulder widening, installing a wide centreline, roadside safety barriers in high-risk areas, and intersection improvements, has been underway since 2019. The safety of the road will now be boosted further with the addition of the new safety improvements, which are part of the agency’s Road to Zero strategy.

“We know there is a lot to do across this stretch of SH2 and we cannot do it all at once. This rapidly growing region is undergoing significant investment, and it will take us time to implement all that is needed,” said Speirs.

“It is great to have confirmed funding for this additional infrastructure that will undoubtedly save lives and build on the work being done along this corridor and we know this is already making a difference to local people.”

Head-on crashes make up 32% of the deaths and serious injuries on SH2. Flexible median barriers are the safest barrier if someone hits them. If something goes wrong, flexible barriers will catch the vehicle and prevent a crash into an on-coming vehicle.

“Our modelling tells us that installing flexible median barrier will reduce these sad and avoidable events by a massive 72%.”

People will start to see activity at the Rea Road/Tetley Road intersection, south of Katikati before the end of February.