Straitline Canvas reinvents curtain tensioners

2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 25, 2020

Straitline Canvas has improved the humble curtain ratchet and introduced the Straitline Tensioner, with an easy-open design that minimises the force needed to release curtain tension. 

The handle of the Straitline Tensioner can be locked in the release position, leaving both hands free to open the side curtain. The kink handle leaves plenty of clearance for hands while opening or closing. Made with a tough milled aluminium body and steel handle, the Straitline Tensioner fits New Zealand standard three- or four-bolt mounting points.

Straitline Canvas designed the Straitline Tensioner following customer feedback from truckies and body builders across New Zealand – as well as its own curtain repair team. The Straitline R&D team has been researching tensioner designs for the past few years, and the design effort for the Straitline Tensioner started in early 2019.

Two years of testing and development followed. Testing included:

  • Testing the cog and trigger mechanism to over 1 million rotations;

  • On-road testing of an early prototype since August 2019;

  • On-road testing of multiple production samples since March 2020;

  • Testing a production sample under load with all PTFE bushings removed (which still worked);

  • The prototype and all samples are still in current use.

The Straitline Tensioner can be ordered at and is available in stock for same day dispatch via NZ Couriers. More information and demonstration videos can be found at