Stralis NP 460 wins the ‘Sustainable Truck of the Year 2019‘ title

In Uncategorized3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineNovember 9, 2018

A year after winning the ‘Low Carbon Truck of the Year‘ title in the UK, the Stralis NP 460 has received another important award, having been voted ‘Sustainable Truck of the Year 2019‘ in the tractor category.

The prize, which is sponsored by Vado e Torno magazine in collaboration with Lifegate, was awarded at Ecomondo 2018, the international event with an innovative format that brings together all the circular economy industry sectors on a single platform.

Now in its third edition, this award recognises the most significant innovations in clean transport and is sponsored by Vado e Torno in partnership with the Politecnico di Milano. It was presented to IVECO‘s most sustainable heavy road vehicle to date in recognition of its technical specifications, performance and technology.

Maurizio Cervetto, chief editor of Vado e Torno magazine, presented the prize to Fabio Pellegrinelli in his new role as EMEA heavy line gas business development.

“As the big brother of the Stralis NP 400, this vehicle has not only taken performance to the level required to replace diesel on any mission, but has also raised the bar on comfort, safety and sustainability,” said Cervetto.

IVECO brand president Pierre Lahutte said the company was proud to receive the award, which came at a very important time for alternative drive technologies. Days earlier the German Parliament approved the exemption of CNG and LNG trucks from road tolls.

“The strategy that until very recently was considered ‘visionary‘ is now becoming a reality: society and the world are moving forward, creating a new vision of transport, not as a source of pollution, but rather as a sector to be viewed from a perspective of environmental sustainability. This vision can be turned into a reality through a circular economy based on biomethane, where energy is generated from organic or agricultural waste, with a return to the natural cycle of resources.

“Against this backdrop, our Stralis NP 460 – which was already crowned Low Carbon Truck of the Year in the UK last year – will be the undisputed leader of the energy transition process which is already underway, confirming once again that gas is the most effective answer to addressing the environmental impact of long-haul road transport.”

Lahutte added that it was an even greater honour to receive the prize from Vado e Torno, one of the most important European trade publications in their sector.

“Having tested the vehicle on the road, [they] have confirmed its exceptionally efficient performance that in turn translates into a significant reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.”