SuperTyre unveils new Auckland supercentre

SuperTyre launched its new purpose-built Auckland supercentre in Manukau at its official opening in November.

The launch supports SuperTyre’s growth strategy in the Golden Triangle and is a strategic step in the company’s journey to become New Zealand’s most sought-after tyre solutions business. Renowned for challenging industry norms and being a tech leader in the industry, SuperTyre’s Auckland supercentre is geared to meet the growth in demand from its commercial customers.

Speaking at the opening, managing director Dayne Drummond said, “It’s been a hell of a journey, and I put our rise down to the fact that we consider ourselves truck people. We see ourselves as more part of the truck industry than the tyre industry. While we know tyres, it’s trucks that we are passionate about.”

SuperTyre launched in 2011 as an alternative to global industry players, delivering direct-to-market tyre solutions, evolving over the years into a technology-led operation.

“The insights and savings we can now provide our customers is truly blowing them away, and it’s a great yardstick for where the whole transport industry is heading,” Drummond said.

“SuperTyre is focused on shaking up the tyre industry. Our tech solutions provide customers the ability to identify and reduce unwanted costs for their fleets. With more and more customers looking to reduce operating costs, our ServiceMax and S5i options simply make sense. The real cost of running your fleet is becoming so transparent, and we’re leading the charge in this area,” he said.

The Kiwi-owned business already has a network of branches throughout New Zealand.

“Providing a state-of-the-art service centre for all tyre and tech requirements in Manukau is just an extension of this service.”