Sustainable innovation in tyre retreading

The tyre and retreading industries are taking a stronger position in their commitment to produce more sustainable products. These actions contribute to lower fuel consumption of the vehicles to which the tyres are fitted, the generation of fewer pollutants, better use of recycled materials in the production of tyres and retreads, and even the use of materials from renewable sources.

Vipal Rubber continually follows market movements and promotes research into materials and the development of new products to meet the demands of the future of tyres and retreading.

The compounds and tread designs in Vipal retreads reduce rolling resistance, which helps to promote lower vehicle fuel consumption. Specifically, the ECO procured line in Vipal’s portfolio serves as an illustration of this approach.

Additionally, Vipal offers treads formulated with specific compounds to comply with California’s SmartWay programme, which enforces fuel-saving legal standards.

When it comes to electric vehicles, these require tyres with high torque performance and greater wear resistance, along with tread designs that minimise noise. In this regard, Vipal has resources and research that allow it to monitor and adapt its products to meet high-performance demands from modern vehicles, such as EVs.

Another line of work that is aligned with market trends is research to increase the use of raw materials from renewable sources, for example, modifications to rice husk ash and the use of different types of vegetable oils.

In addition, Vipal emphasises reusing rubber waste materials. For example, tyre grinding produces rubber powder, which is chemically and mechanically treated to improve its properties, allowing it to be reused to produce new tyre products. Another example is the use of pyrolysis carbon black, resulting from the controlled burning of scrap tyres and other waste.

“After 50 years Vipal continues its history of innovation. As it moves into its next 50 years, the company is taking into account the demands of tomorrow’s operating environment and vehicles, such as the high torque of electric vehicles, to produce tyre technology that continues to lead the market,” says Dave Leicester of New Zealand Vipal distributor Power Retreads.