Teletrac Navman launches integrated multi-camera solution

4 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineOctober 9, 2020

Teletrac Navman is launching its multi-camera solution for trucks in New Zealand, which integrates with its recently released AI-powered software, TN360.

Designed specifically for transport and logistics operators, the high-definition multi-camera solution captures more than 10 days of rolling footage, available to view from the back office without the need to physically get into the vehicle. The camera solution also triggers real-time alerts for out of the ordinary road events (such as harsh braking or swerving) via G-force sensors, making it a highly valuable tool for analysing road collisions and recording the behaviour of other road users for insurance and legal claims.

With the ability to have up to four cameras in a combination of forward-facing, driver-facing, left and right-side cameras, it gives a comprehensive view of each vehicle. Fleet operators have the option to choose how many and what cameras to use, and how they are used. The camera solution integrates into Teletrac Navman‘s TN360 AI-based system, alongside GPS tracking data, speed, and other vehicle and driver information, to give a deeper level of insight into what‘s happening on the road.

“Truck drivers are less likely to be of primary responsibility in fatal and serious collisions with other road users, but they do have to deal with the emotional trauma – the shock and guilt – as well as the legal and financial outcomes. This camera solution can assist drivers and operators to exonerate themselves in these collisions, by giving them an objective recording of the situation,” said Teletrac Navman chief product officer Andrew Rossington.

“Other uses for cameras include protecting the business against fraudulent insurance claims, exonerating drivers in allegations of their truck causing damage, assisting drivers on the road – especially in monitoring blind spots, and ensuring safety compliance,” said Rossington. 

“What‘s special about our camera solution is that it is integrated with the whole tracking system, giving a more complete picture of driver behaviour – for example the speed of a truck going into the incident. This is particularly useful for high-level driver training.”

Teletrac Navman says Southland transport operator Herberts Transport has adopted the use of Teletrac Navman‘s in-vehicle cameras as a tool to help rule out its drivers‘ culpability in potential incidents. The company experienced an incident involving one of its vehicles and a car at a roundabout. After watching the video recording, the team realised that it was the car at fault – not the driver – as they could clearly see what happened.

“Even though I understand that some truck drivers are unsure about having a camera in their truck, when you‘re in my position, you only use them to get drivers out of incidents, rather than as a surveillance tool,” said Herberts Transport managing director Scott Hutton.