The many benefits of tyre retreads

In Knowing Your Retreads, August 20222 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 22, 2022

Vipal Rubber presents valuable information to help you get the most from your tyres. This month – the advantages of fitting Vipal tyre retreads to a commercial vehicle.

Opting to fit retreaded tyres on your trucks has numerous associated benefits.

Save on your tyre bill
Retreads are very cost effective. Not only can you pay less for your retread, but you will lower the cost per kilometre.

Safe and effective
Retreads match the safety and performance of a new tyre. A technical process combined with high-quality products results in a retreaded tyre that will perform as well as a new one with lower overall costs.

All used tyre casings that are in good condition can be considered for retreading. The first role of a retreader is to thoroughly examine the casing to ensure it is in a suitable condition to meet the required standards. If the tyre does not meet the standards required, the casing will be environmentally disposed of.

A sustainable world
Tyre retreading is recycling that contributes to a more sustainable world and environment. It is a large part of the circular economy by extending a tyre’s life.

This change in the consumption cycle reduces the extraction of natural resources, saves resources, and still contributes to the world’s circular economy.

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1. Reducing the use of petroleum reduces CO2 emissions

2. It reduces the generation of waste that pollutes the environment

3. Fifty-seven litres of petroleum is saved per retreaded commercial tyre, compared to new tyre production

4. 100% of the waste generated is destined for the recycling process

5. Lower demand for non-renewable natural resources

6. As part of the tyre industry, retreading requires skilled labour creating more direct and indirect jobs for New Zealanders