THE MOUNT TRUCK SHOW 2020 – See, land and air

6 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineApril 14, 2020

Polished rigs in convoy glinting in the sun and stunt planes filling blue skies heralded the start of another Mount Truck Show, this event now a must-see, with something for all the family.

Photo: Euro high roof Globetrotters alongside Australian high roof Aerodynes: has to be a Kiwi truck show.

A blazing hot mid-summer‘s day set the scene for The Mount Truck Show, again held alongside the Classics of the Sky Tauranga City Airshow. A feature of this event for the enthusiast is most definitely the organised convoy that makes its way from Te Puke to the Classic Flyers grounds alongside Tauranga Airport. There are many vantage points along the route, allowing the public to catch a glimpse of nearly 180 blinged-out trucks, an impressive sight from any angle. Once at the venue there is a buzz in the air, with the sound of Harvards snarling into a vertical climb alongside the growl of the mighty 3408 Caterpillar as Alan Forbes‘s restored LW923 Kenworth in Richards Heavy Haulage livery rolled into the grounds. The blend of these two exhibitions was uniquely different. They work so well alongside each other, like ham and cheese in a toastie. The level of dedication to preparation was nothing short of impressive, especially the loggers of Aztec Forestry Developments, which took out Best Fleet. It made for quite the sight that many gleaming bush-whackers all lined up, in fact two lines deep! Well done, team.

As the day rolled into evening the second phase of the truck show kicked into high gear with a ‘lights on‘ display. This again reiterated the dedication levels of some operators when it comes to how they present their units; not only spectacular in daylight, but also running in the darkness of night. A special mention here goes to William of WG Geuze Contracting from Gisborne, and the transformation he has completed on the company‘s ex Pacific Log Haulage T408 Kenworth. The lighting on this unit is outstanding, especially the illuminated headache rack, complete with backlit John Deere logo cut-outs; very sharp indeed. This is a show to keep an eye out for; the variety and family entertainment value from combining the truck show with the air show is brilliant. Our hats are tipped to Alex Stenson and the team for putting together a fantastic event, and we wait with anticipation for news of next year‘s date.

Photo: Saunders Transport of Mt Maunganui displaying two eras of Kenworth with its T401 standing beside its new T610.

Photo: Just a small cross-section of the impressive loggers from Aztec Forestry Developments that took out Best Fleet.

Photo: Mike Hart of Adrenaline Events helped get the next generation hooked on looking down a long hood with realistic truck driving simulators.

Photo: Salters Cartage were lined up in force, including its impressive original Mack Ultra Liner piggybacking the company‘s restored 1942 Chevy pick-up.

Photo: Regal Haulage was awarded Best Old Timer with its restored R-model Mack, seen here sitting beside Shaun Emmerson‘s K104.

Photos: This T408 of WG Geuze Contracting from Gisborne made for an impressive sight at night, with its illuminated John Deere logos cut into the headache rack.

Photo: Pure poetry found here in the form of a 3408 V8 Cat in Alan Forbes‘s restored LW923, sporting its original Richards Heavy Haulage fleet livery.

Photo: Pure poetry found here in the form of a 3408 V8 Cat in Alan Forbes‘s restored LW923, sporting its original Richards Heavy Haulage fleet livery.

RESULTS Mount Truck Show 2020
Category Owner Rego
King Rig Truck of the show Morgs Transport  
People‘s Choice Brett Marsh Transport KGK465
Judges Choice R & K Bradshaw TUF659  
Best KW Brett Marsh Transport MCK728
Best Freightliner C J Ahrens ROMPER
Best Western Star RLH – Glen Ireland LRB995
Best International N J Wood NJEAGL
Best Euro C4 Carriers MQR394
Best Mack Rainsford Trucking MAC525
Best Scania Camo‘s Transport CAMOS
Best DAF Waharoa Transport LNA537
Best Volvo Hanes Transport BIG700
Best MAN R & H Transport KUK205
Best Old Timer Regal Haulage LW7424
Best Logger Charlie Papuni MAG339
Best Tipper Wyatt Haulage MADPWR
Best Freight Green Transport KWH129
Best Tractor Edwards Heavy Haul JNU190
Best Fleet Aztec Forestry Developments  
Best Artwork North Harbour Heavyhaul ZO3644
Best under 500,000 km Kimari Holdings KIMARI
Best 500,000 –1 million km C & R Developments LAH739
Best Over 1 million km NJ Wood CAT525
Furthest Travelled J D Hickman JDH50 Harley Reid