TIDD crane launch sets a new standard for industry

4 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMay 29, 2019

TIDD PC28 in action at TRT open day

TRT launched its newest product, the TIDD PC28, pick and carry crane, to an audience of more than 100 industry representatives and government dignitaries on 14 May at its Brisbane site in Murarrie.

“We are proud of the new TIDD PC28 crane the team has designed and manufactured,” said Lawrence Baker, TRT chief operations officer. “We consulted with industry to produce a crane that will work to improve operator safety and deliver productivity improvements across Australasia and based on the feedback we have from the launch, the industry agrees.”

TRT‘s country manager Stephen Dance said there had been overwhelmingly positive feedback about the event and the quality of the new TIDD crane, with many commenting that the new level of safety available will improve outcomes for operators and owners across construction, infrastructure and mining sites.

TIDD PC28 demonstrates the Slew Safe

There was a live interactive demonstration of the patented Slew Safe, a safety feature exclusive to TIDD Cranes.

“Slew Safe, developed by TRT, is a significant new pick and carry safety feature. It is designed to minimise the risk of a crane rollover when the crane is lifting on uneven surfaces, a leading cause of articulating crane incidents in Australia,” said Dance.

Slew Safe provides the operator with feedback through the steering wheel that they can feel when the crane moves into an unsafe operating zone, and visually through the dynamic load indicator.

“At TRT we are proud of our products,” said Bruce Carden, TRT‘s manufacturing director. “We have a team with a real passion for innovation, and the desire to solve problems. This collaboration means we create more relevant industry solutions. As such, we will continue to bring more locally developed and manufactured innovation to the Australian heavy transport, mining, construction and defence sectors.”

TRT also showcased their latest innovations in heavy transport technology during the launch. TRT‘s Electronic Steering System (ESS) for low loaders, platforms, beam and house trailers allows unprecedented steering control for drivers of over dimensional loads.

The new trailer modular system, Quick Connect, enables large platforms, low loaders and house trailers to be reconfigured for each load, in 20 minutes or less.

Universal Cranes 4 x 8 platform module of 11 x 8 plaform

Traction Air central tyre inflation system, with GPS technology and axle options was also part of the display. This system manages tyre pressure easily between sealed and site surfaces to improve traction. TRT have also developed a tyre pressure monitoring variant for the TIDD PC28, another safety feature.

On display were two sections (4×8 and 2×8), of an 11×8 platform trailer, with ESS fitted in its modular construction. Traction Air is fitted to the new prime mover, to provide added traction for the loads. The new owners, Universal Cranes Pty Ltd will be using the 11×8 modular trailer for operations across Australia. “You may even see it in within their New Zealand operations from time to time,” Carden added.