Time for a trailer

In Mini Big Rigs, October 20222 MinutesBy Carl KirkbeckNovember 12, 2022

We have a completed tractor unit, so we can now turn our attention to the business end of the combination and build the matching trailer.

This month, we are looking to hook up a load to our freshly completed model of Ken Kirk’s Pilkington Glass Mercedes-Benz (New Zealand Trucking, July 2022). The Merc towed three trailers while with Pilkington Glass, a small tandem-axle flat- deck semi, a larger 43-foot flat-deck tri-axle semi, and then a purpose-built five-axle flat-deck B-train set. The images we have of the unit show the tri-axle semi. Staying with our theme of keeping it as simple and out of the box as much as possible, we will attempt to replicate this option.

Unfortunately, there is no off- the-shelf flat-deck tri-axle semi kitset available, so we must find something that is close enough and scratch-build the rest. Looking at the wide array of options available from Italeri, the Timber Trailer (kit No.3868) is the best option. This will give us the tri-axle set we are after, and the long straight chassis rails upon which to scratch- build our deck.

Opening the box, we are presented with the quality of manufacture that we expect from Italeri, with all the components neatly extruded and packed. Following the instructions, we are straight into stages 1 and 2 of the build.

Follow the instructions step-by-step up to the point of fitting the axles. Stop here and do not fit the wheels just yet, as we will need to apply a coat of paint to the completed chassis and flat deck first.

By completing these two stages, we now have the chassis at a point where we can start the scratch-building next month of the flat deck, headache rack and toolboxes.