Toll New Zealand commits to 50 per cent carbon reduction by 2030

In News2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineApril 16, 2021

Today, Toll New Zealand pledged to reduce its carbon emissions by 50% as part of becoming an official signatory to the Climate Leader Coalition‘s 2019 Statement. The New Zealand business unit of the global supply chain logistics company has pledged to meet the aggressive target by 2030 and is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050. 

Toll New Zealand backs their ambitious goal to reduce direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by 50.4% by 2030. Toll is working with their partners towards these emission reductions. 

In a key step towards driving down emissions, two Fuso eCanter electric trucks will be added to Toll‘s fleet in July. The e-trucks will service the critical central Auckland metro area. 

Jon Adams, Toll New Zealand‘s executive general manager, says the business is also reviewing the integration of G2 biodiesel and hydrogen to power their longer distance line-haul movements. 

“We are commencing a G2 biodiesel trial with the Ports of Auckland and The Warehouse Group this month. End to end, the collaborative trial will only use G2 biodiesel from the port tug to the customer. The great benefit of G2 biodiesel is that we can implement it straight away using our current fleet, as it does not require a change in fuelling operation or engines. Whilst this is an interim solution, it is an important step until other technologies gain traction,” Adams said. ZZ

G2 biodiesel is a colourless, odourless biofuel solution refined from 100% renewable sources, primarily made up of waste and residues and can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

The use of hydrogen to power long-haul trucks is also being trialled with The Warehouse Group. Hydrogen, produced through water electrolysis, emits zero CO2 emissions and has excellent potential for high mass and extended range applications. 

Toll is proud to be playing a leading role in supporting the Sustainable Business Council‘s (SBC) heavy transport roadmap.