TransDiesel becomes TDX – plans for the future

In News3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMay 13, 2022

For the past 40 years TransDiesel has been a trusted industry supplier of construction equipment, diesel engines and transmissions, as well as consumable and lubricant products to the heavy-machinery industry. The company has now rebranded to TDX.

The rebrand to TDX as well as fresh identity was spearheaded from within the company and involved consultation across a variety of key stakeholders including our people, customers and suppliers.

“The evolution to TDX reflects our maturing as a company, one which had an initial focus on diesel engines and transmissions, to one which now partners with some of the world’s biggest and most recognisable names,” said Colm Hamrogue, CEO.
“We’re very proud of our past but we have a greater focus now on technology, innovation and sustainability. We have to have a mindset for growth with that. What our customers want off us now is different to 15 years ago,” said Hamrogue.

“We need to have a view to moving towards electrification, hydrogen and a reduced carbon footprint. We want to be solution architects for our customers. This is about evolution for us.

It marks an exciting opportunity to develop the business and prepare the brand for opportunities over the coming decades,” said Hamrogue.

Marketing manager Marc Warr, says the new name and logo is a nod to the foundations of the brand, a promise to customers and commitment to add value to TDX’s partners.

“We’re confident that we are remaining true to our heritage, at the same time making a positive and future-focused statement that will stand us in good stead for decades to come.”

The design of the new logo also holds particular significance.

“The arrow illustrates moving forward together with our customers and the hexagon demonstrates the importance of partnership between our people, customers and suppliers,” said Warr.

“As for the ‘X,’ it represents the special customer-focused difference we’re renowned for, a world-class service experience we’ve made our own and will continue to deliver into the future.”

TDX employs almost 300 people across a nationwide network of 18 branches and has grown from small beginnings in the early 1980s to an annual turnover of over $200M. The company has been No.1 for diesel engine sales in New Zealand for the last three years.