TransDiesel introduces lubricant delivery truck to South Island

In News2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineAugust 26, 2021

TransDiesel has unveiled a new lubricant delivery service designed to enhance the restocking of product to key operators throughout the South Island.

“We first debuted a Pump-Over Truck in the North Island about 12-months ago and, based on its overwhelming success, decided to launch one to assist our customers throughout the Mainland,” said Jason Steele, TransDiesel business manager for shell lubricants.

“Utilising the Pump-Over Truck has enabled us to make significant operational improvements from an efficiency perspective as well as cost reductions for our customers as they only pay for what they use,” he said.

The new Pump-Over Bulk Delivery Truck can carry and pump from both Immediate Bulk Containers and barrels, as well as transport smaller packs loaded on pallets for transfer to less easily accessible locations.

It can pump three products simultaneously at a high flow rate, offloading large volumes in a short period. This means less time spent on-site and fewer disruptions to the end customer, TransDiesel said.

The new, large truck will soon be joined by a smaller ‘around town’ truck for local service which can operate in tighter spaces, further enhancing support of TransDiesel’s 16-nationwide company-owned branches.

“Our investment in both the North and South Island trucks is significant, but it’s money well spent as it enables us to better serve our customers and help ensure they have the right products when they need them,” said Steele.

“With both trucks in operation, we now have the ability to service the entire country with bulk oil and lubricant delivery.”

The Pump-Over Bulk Delivery Truck is an essential service, therefore TransDiesel is able to offer this service to essential service customers under Covid-19 Alert Level 4 lockdown, provided precautions including social distancing rules are followed.