Transporting New Zealand launches Diversity Toolbox

In News6 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 7, 2023

Transporting New Zealand has launched its Diversity Toolbox, a set of practical tools and resources to help road freight businesses foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The Toolbox, supported by Teletrac Navman New Zealand, emphasises how a diverse and well supported workforce is key to businesses’ long-term success.

It is the latest element of the Driving Change Diversity Programme, sitting within Transporting New Zealand’s Te ara ki tua Road to success programme, which aims to get more people into the road transport sector and give them a sustainable career path.

The Toolbox focuses on three priority areas:

  • inclusive recruitment and hiring practices
  • encouraging employees to speak up about workplace issues
  • supporting employees who are neurodiverse, or who experience bullying and harassment, or are dealing with mental health issues

Transporting NZ said the guidance and associated tools will be useful for all transport businesses, whether diversity is already a longstanding priority, or if they’re taking some first steps towards supporting a more inclusive workplace.

Transporting New Zealand policy and projects advisor Billy Clemens said he’s confident that trucking businesses of all sizes will find the resources and tools helpful.

“We encourage all trucking operators to download or order the Diversity Toolbox resources. You might end up using the inclusive job advertisement template, sticking up one of the customisable posters in the smoko room, or reviewing your policies and processes against the best practice guidance,” he said.

“There’s something in here for all transport businesses, even if you’re one of the many operators already doing great work to create a supportive environment for all your staff.

“We’re grateful for the support and guidance from Teletrac Navman which has enabled the creation of the Diversity Toolbox and continuation of the Driving Change Diversity Programme.”Sarah James, Teletrac Navman’s marketing manager, said the Diversity Toolbox aligns with the company’s commitment to supporting an inclusive commercial road freight industry made up of people from diverse communities.

“At Teletrac Navman, we strongly believe that the transport industry can only benefit from a culture where all voices are heard and all talents are celebrated,” she said.

“It made perfect sense for us to support the creation of this Diversity Toolbox as part of our commitment to the Driving Change Diversity Programme.

“The Toolbox offers practical insights and resources to strengthen workplace inclusivity for all organisations at every stage of their commitment to diversity. By embracing diversity in the transport industry, we tackle driver shortages, reduce turnover, and elevate productivity. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

The Toolbox is the latest development in the Driving Change Diversity Programme. Last year, ten Diversity Champions were nominated from across the road transport sector to attend a two-day Diversity Workshop and have their stories shared with the transport industry and wider community.

 What’s in the Diversity Toolbox?

Driver Recruitment Guide
A guide to making your job advertisements, position descriptions and interviewing practices appeal to a wider pool of applicants. With conservative estimates putting the current truck driver shortage at 2400, road freight businesses need to be casting a wide net.

Encouraging Employees to Speak Up
A best-practice pamphlet for employers, providing guidance about how to encourage your staff to raise issues with management. Having good systems in place for your people is a key part of having an inclusive workplace. It’s often hard to be the one to speak up about discriminatory or unsafe behaviour at work, and even tougher for some workplace minorities.

Speak Up Poster Template
A set of customisable workplace posters setting out a simple process for how to speak up in the workplace. This identifies unacceptable conduct (ranging from racist and sexist behaviour, to health and safety concerns), sets out what complainants can expect from their employer, as well as the correct supervisor or manager to contact. It’s a great option to display in break areas or staff kitchen.


Supporting Your Employees
The “Supporting Your Employees” booklet is an easy-to-read 8-page booklet focusing on three issues: how to deal with bullying, mental health problems and supporting neurodiverse employees. There is also a series of step-by-step processes that employers can compare against what they are doing currently.

The free resources can be downloaded or ordered directly by transport businesses at