Transporting New Zealand unveils diversity toolbox

In Uncategorized, News4 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJune 30, 2023

At its A Changing World conference this week, Transporting New Zealand released details of its diversity toolbox, a set of resources designed to create change and support further diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The toolbox is part of Transporting New Zealand’s Driving Change Diversity programme, which is sponsored by Teletrac Navman and supported by Transporting New Zealand, NRC, NZ Trucking and the Australian Transport Association.

The first stage of the programme was led by Transporting New Zealand membership manager Fiona McDonagh, who was a passionate advocate for developing a more inclusive transport sector and giving people a start in the industry.

The diversity toolbox is a set of three resources that is designed to help trucking businesses of all sizes, recruit, retrain and retain staff in an increasingly competitive labour market.


Billy Clemens, Transporting New Zealand strategy, policy and projects advisor, says the toolbox provides practical, relevant guidance for operators.

Alongside his advocacy and policy work at Transporting New Zealand, Billy is also a board member at Rainbow Wellington.

“I know personally what a positive impact inclusive workplace practices can have in making people feel safe and supported in the workplace,” he says. “And that’s why I’m particularly pleased to be involved in the next stage of driving diversity.”

The first element of the toolbox is focused on inclusive recruitment practices.

“This includes job advertisement and position description templates, candidate interviewing methods and tips for how to assess candidates evenly,” Clemens says.

“This tool is designed to help ensure that all candidates, whether they’re neurodiverse, fresh out of school, female, Māori and Pasifika, or other demographics, feel comfortable applying for roles in the first place. And they get reassured that they’ll be given a fair crack as I’m sure they will by good operators,” he says.

The second part of the toolbox includes resources to help employees speak up.

“It’s often hard to be the one to make a noise or speak up about discriminatory or unsafe behaviour at work, but this can be even tougher for some minorities,” Clemens says.

“This is where having clear reporting lines and giving a clear assurance that issues will be dealt with is an essential part of an inclusive workplace.”

Finally, the toolbox has some step-by-step guidance for resolving common workplace challenges, such as bullying, mental health and wellbeing, and supporting neurodiverse staff members such as those with dyslexia or ADHD.

“These resources are designed to help all operators, whether diversity is already something that’s baked into your business or whether you’re at the start of the process,” Clemens says.

“The final stage of development will be getting feedback from our cohort of diversity champions as well as other operators to ensure that it’s completely fit for industry.”

The resources will be released in August. Further information can be obtained from Transporting New Zealand.