TRT heads into Europe with Traction Air®

3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 20, 2019

New Zealand company Tidd Ross Todd (TRT) is known in Australasia as a full-service supplier to the trucking industry. It now has its sights set squarely on the European market with the latest generation of Traction Air®, its central tyre inflation (CTI) system.

The ambition to enter Europe came about four years ago and, about two and a half years ago the decision was made to design purpose-built, multi-channel systems (front, drive and trailer axles) that would fulfil the needs of the European market and meet Compliance Europe (CE) regulations.

The new system wheel end installed.

“We invested a lot of money and resources on research and development; the new system had to be better than anything we‘ve offered before. We looked at every component that went into the system and how we could improve on it. As a result, everything has changed – it‘s a ground-up, blank-page, nuts and bolts design,” says Gavin Halley, national sales manager at TRT.

This meant redesigning the system‘s hardware and developing new software to control it, all while using CE-certified components. A key design consideration was to ensure the system is future-proofed, so the electronic control unit (ECU) incorporates a raft of communication protocols and is wired up using CAN bus communication. 

Two new in-cab interfaces have been developed, depending on the system fitted to the vehicle, which give the customer and driver high levels of information. 

The first front axle installation on a new V8 Scania in Sweden.

Given the harsher environment in Europe, the new system has been designed for the highest levels of protection in sub-zero temperatures. The pressure cell, pneumatic control centre and wheel-end packages are entirely new and made from stainless steel. The system features new, heavy-duty, seals and filtration elements.

Following thorough testing in both New Zealand and Scandinavia, the first European units have been installed. 

“So far, the system has proved to be a hit. The feedback from testing with our distribution partner and our field testing has been incredibly positive, many of our existing clients are keen to adopt the new technology,” says Gavin. 

“While we designed it for Europe, the new system meets all regulative requirements in New Zealand and Australia, so it will inevitably flow into our Australasian markets. The existing equipment will always be available from TRT and will continue to be fully supported in all aspects,” he adds.

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