Truck Trader doubles down print and online presence 

In News2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJune 23, 2023

Used trucks, parts, and services publication Truck Trader has announced some changes to its distribution and marketing strategy.

While it will continue to be available in print delivered with every copy of New Zealand Trucking magazine, including retail copies available in shops, the publication will cease involvement with Deals on Wheels and will shift its focus towards social media.

After thorough consultation with key clients, the publisher of Truck Trader recognised that its existing relationship with Deals on Wheels was not yielding the desired response. Consequently, the team devised a plan to drive traffic from social media platforms to their online platform, where users can browse through used trucks, parts, and services.

Matt Smith, advertising manager, says the partnership with New Zealand Trucking allows for wider distribution and increased accessibility to potential readers, and the decision to leverage social media was motivated by the immense reach it offers.

“We expect to reach tens or even hundreds of thousands of users, which is significantly more than the reach achieved through traditional methods,” he says.

“We will be able to track the results of their campaigns each month, including metrics such as reach and link clicks.”

Pav Warren, social media manager, views this shift as a natural progression in the media industry.

“By utilising social media platforms, Truck Trader can directly target its audience and redirect them to relevant truck advertisements, eliminating the reliance on readers finding a physical copy of the publication,” she says.

“This approach represents the future of media, where a strong mix of targeted and delivered campaigns replaces the mere posting of a print advertisement as a static image.”

Overall, Truck Trader‘s decision to embrace a combination of print, social media, and digital platforms reflects its commitment to adapting to the evolving media landscape and maximising its reach and impact in the trucking industry.

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