Trucking along Mental Health Week

2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 1, 2020

The New Zealand Trucking Association has released a symbol to raise awareness around mental health for the trucking industry. 

“Our industry has recently reminded the public that during times of crisis it is essential to keep trucks moving,” says NZ Trucking Association executive officer Carol McGeady.

“It has been an extremely challenging time for some transport operators, trying to navigate the different pandemic levels, managing disrupted schedules and access to ports, all to ensure New Zealand can keep on trucking. The health and wellbeing of our truck drivers and all the support people around them, such as dispatch operators, diesel mechanics, tyre technicians, repairers, office personnel and management is very important.”

McGeady says people may not know what to do or where to go if they need help, which is why the New Zealand Trucking Association has launched a symbol that the trucking industry in New Zealand can use to show that it cares.

The logo has the message ‘Are you trucking along okay?‘

“Mostly you probably are, but we want to recognise that there are some people who just feel like the wheels have fallen off. We hope the symbol encourages more conversations and people to reach out and ask for help when they need it,” says McGeady.

The logos will be available as window stickers in time for Mental Health Week, 21 to 27 September. Display this on the side window of your truck or car, or on your office window to raise awareness around supporting trucker‘s mental health.

The New Zealand Trucking Association and Teletrac Navman will be teaming up to do a number of events during Mental Health Week, so go to or stay tuned on Facebook for announcements about these events.