Trucking Toward a Better Future – calling all truckers and trucking people

In News4 MinutesBy Dave McCoidJanuary 20, 2022

Terms and conditions of entry 2022

Trucking Toward A Better Future 

Run by New Zealand Trucking magazine and Resilienz Ltd.

The spirit of this competition is to encourage lots of ideas – big, small, crazy, sensible –  and to motivate people and businesses to spark off each other, and hopefully generate a real buzz on the way. Even so, for fairness and transparency we still need some T&Cs, but we’ve again tried to make it easy to enter. 

1. Timing: The competition will run from 1st February 2022 until the 31st March 2022. Postal entries date stamped 31st March, but received after that date will be accepted. 

2. Entries: Two ways to enter – by email to , or standard post to:

Climate Competition
C/o: NZ Trucking Media
PO Box 35
Thames 3540

3. There is no limit to the number of entries. 

4. Entries are free and open to anyone active in any way with the trucking sector, individually, as a group, or as an organisation.  

5. By entering, individuals grant New Zealand Trucking Media and Resilienz the right to publicise, write about, and try to advance the entries as they see fit. For their part, New Zealand Trucking Media and Resilienz commit to only doing so in a constructive and fully respectful manner. We will not belittle any entry. 

6. Judging: The competition will be judged by acclaimed business and climate commentator Rod Oram and by well-known transport leader Chris Carr, of Carr and Haslam Ltd. The decisions of the judges will be final. 

7. Prizes: To be adapted once final arrangements known.
First – $5,000.00
Second – $1,000
Third – $500.00
Plus spot prizes  

8. Results Announcement: The winners will be contacted in person. Notification of the results will appear across New Zealand Trucking Media outlets, the Resilienz Ltd Climate Matters newsletter, and podcast. Other print and online media channels will publish the results as the organisers see fit.

9. Communication: Information about the competition will be posted from time to time on the New Trucking Media and Climate Matters print and online media channels.

10. Intellectual property: Any IP that goes with ‘the idea’ remains with the entrant. Where practicable, the organisers hope to assist in getting ideas actually implemented or trialled, but can give no assurance in this. (If an entry might lead to a patentable product, we recommend you check out the potential effect of publicising the idea before a patent is established.)  

11. Acknowledgement, copying, and vested interest: This competition is about inspiring individuals and businesses to get creative, and share, and get recognition for their bright ideas. If other people have helped, or if the idea grew out of something else you have seen, please acknowledge them. Entries that claim as original something that is already out there will be disqualified. We don’t want entries that, directly or indirectly, promote a specific product or service (except where that is the key to a brand new application).