Trucking Toward a Better Future – calling all truckers and trucking people

In News9 MinutesBy Dave McCoidFebruary 16, 2021

By Dave McCoid, editor New Zealand Trucking magazine.

New Zealand Trucking Media and Resilienz Ltd today launch a unique competition to tap into the vast pool of knowledge driving around the country. We want to know how truckers and trucking people see the world through the windscreens of their trucks. 

A while ago, I started chatting with Lindsay Wood, founder and director of Resilienz, a company working in the climate and sustainable building sectors. The result is the first Trucking Toward a Better Future competition. 

Check out the video below for the detail. We want to tap into what we call the ‘truck-a-net‘ – the vast pool of knowledge in truck cabs currently roaming New Zealand. Daily, you see more of the ‘economy at work‘ than any other profession. You must have seen things done in one place better than another. You must have had thoughts and ideas about how the world can be better. 

Climate change is the single biggest issue facing future generations. I know you listen to podcasts, read, think, and ponder. I know truckers and truck people are as invested in our children‘s future as anyone else. We have the broadest potential view of the economy and no one‘s asking what we see and think. 

Lindsay and I would like you to tell us what you‘ve seen that might make the supply chain and even general business processes cleaner and more efficient. 

You never know, you might be sitting on the Holy Grail that will cause a paradigm shift in business/supply chain efficiency, and as such, have a hugely positive impact on climate change. Conversely, you may have a wee gem that will make a small yet valuable difference. We want them all. 

There‘s no boundary on your thinking – you have a unique view of the world. And don‘t be constrained by trucks and transport – a fresh set of eyes on anything can be revolutionary. 

The competition runs until the end of April, with a prize pool of $2000 ($1000 for first, the rest for second and special prizes). We‘re hoping to grow the prize pool as the competition continues and there are mechanisms in place to ensure your idea remains your own. 

Entries will be judged by a panel that includes Rod Oram, one of New Zealand‘s foremost business journalists and commentators, and a keen advocate of new ways of doing business for a new world.

We‘re going to keep at you for two months via print, digital, podcasts, and whatever means we can. We know you‘re a shy bunch at times.

There you go. Have a read of the terms and conditions below, and then tell us what you‘ve seen and think, and let‘s see where it takes us all. Send entries too:

Trucking Toward a Better Future
c/o New Zealand Trucking Media
P O Box 35 
Thames 3540


SUBJECT – Trucking Toward a Better Future – ENTRY

Terms and conditions of entry
Trucking Toward a Better Future

Run by NZ Trucking Magazine and Resilienz Ltd.

The spirit of this competition is to encourage lots of ideas – big, small, crazy, sensible –  and to motivate people to spark off each other, and hopefully have a real buzz on the way. Even so, for fairness and transparency we still need some T&Cs, but we‘ve tried to make it easy as for lots of people to enter. 

  1. Timing: The competition will run until the 30th April 2021, or as extended by the organisers. Late postal entries may be accepted at the discretion of the organisers. 

  2. Entries: Two ways to enter 

Climate Competition 
c/o: NZ Trucking Media
PO Box 35
Thames 3540

3. There is no limit to how many entries a person can put in. 

4. Entries are free and open to anyone actively engaged with the trucking sector.  

5.  By entering, individuals grant New Zealand Trucking Media and Resilienz the right to publicise, write about, and try to advance the entries as they see fit. For their part, New Zealand Trucking Media and Resilienz commit to only doing so in a constructive and fully respectful manner. We will not belittle any entry. 

6. Judging: The competition will be judged by acclaimed business and climate commentator Rod Oram and by well-known transport leader Chris Carr, of Carr and Haslam Ltd. The decisions of the judges will be final. 

7. Prizes:

Best in category prizes, each of $250.

  • Best mechanical/technical idea.

  • Best ‘people‘ idea (driver techniques, human impact, logistics, communications…).  

  • Best ‘big picture‘ idea (highway management, speeding up the change, ferries…)

  • ‘Furthest outside the frame‘ – best crazy idea. 

Second prize overall: $500 
First prize overall: $1000.

8. Results Announcement: The winners will be contacted in person.
Formal announcement of the results will appear in the June 2021 issue of the New Zealand Trucking magazine, the June issue of Resilienz Ltd Climate Matters, as well as other print and online media channels as the organisers see fit.  

9. Communication: Information about the competition will be posted from time to time on the New Trucking Media and Climate Matters print and online media channels.

10. Intellectual property: Any IP that goes with ‘the idea‘ remains with the entrant. Where practicable, the organisers hope to assist in getting ideas actually implemented or trialled, but can give no assurance in this. (If an entry might lead to a patentable product, we recommend you check out the potential effect of publicising the idea before a patent is established.)  

11. Acknowledgement, copying, and vested interest: This competition is about inspiring individuals to get creative, and share, and get recognition for their bright ideas. If other people have helped, or if the idea grew out of something else you have seen, please acknowledge them. Entries that claim as original something that is already out there will be disqualified. We don‘t want entries that, directly or indirectly, promote a specific product or service (except where that is the key to a brand new application).