2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMay 29, 2019

Bold new times

On 1 April 1987 the Post Office was split into three state-owned enterprises: New Zealand Post, Telecom, and Post Office Bank. There were nearly 8000 vehicles in the fleet at this time and these were allocated to the new organisations. There were 1800 vehicles associated with the postal network.

Photo: Auckland, here we come! A Wellingtonbased CK20 Nissan Diesel.

In 1988 New Zealand Post made its first tentative steps into linehaul work between Auckland and Wellington, using two Nissan CK 20 tractors towing rented 10-metre semi-trailers. The Nissans were soon replaced by 360hp Series 2 Scanias, with purpose-built 13-metre semi-trailers. New Zealand Post also started to acquire several businesses that were complementary to its core business, including Skyroad Express, and in 1991, Speedlink from NZ Rail. These acquisitions often included vehicles, such as the Speedlink Isuzus and associated trailers. In 1992 four 380hp Series 3 Scanias and Steelbro B-trains were purchased, enabling the disposal of some of the acquired units. Piggybacking on from Australia Post‘s purchase of more than 40 units, in 1995 New Zealand Post added two Ford Louisvilles to the fleet. These trucks were powered by Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines. These pictures show the Wellington-based CK 20 Nissan and one of the 380hp Series 3 Scanias. This one was based in Auckland and named ‘Touch of Class‘.

Photo: One of the 380hp Series 3 Scanias and B-train.