UD factory-built medium duty trucks arrive in NZ

In News, UD1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJune 30, 2023

UD Trucks NZ have announced the arrival of its new ‘ready-to-work’ factory-built medium duty tipper, with the first units recently landed and available for a quick delivery.

The Croner PK 18 280, 4×2 Tipper comes fitted with a high-quality tipper body made by Steelmer, a Thailand-based bodybuilder and steel fabricator who have been a supplier to domestic and export markets for more than 15 years. The tipping bodies are manufactured using a combination of 6mm thick steel floor and 4mm steel in the sides, door, and headboard.

“The PK-18-280 Tipper payload capacity is an impressive 6600kg. This coupled with an extra 20hp and nearly 20% more torque sets it apart from other factory-built tippers available”, said Colin Muir, general manager for UD Trucks NZ.

The PK 18 280 comes standard with an Allison 3000 fully automatic transmission enabling the unit to get up to speed with a full load easily, propelled by 1050Nm of torque from the 6-cylinder powerplant. UD Trucks NZ said this is nearly 20% greater torque than other similar factory-built tippers.

“UD Trucks is known for its ultimate dependability and comfort,” Muir said.

“When you add in the impressive suite of specs you will find that UD is the premium everyday option for those requiring ‘ready-to-work’ medium duty tipper solutions.”