VDL and DAF intensify collaboration

In DAF1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJanuary 22, 2019

VDL Groep and DAF Trucks have signed a new five-year contract that will see the two Eindhoven-based technology companies work even more closely together. The agreement includes provisions for the reciprocal supply of parts and components for the production of trucks and buses, the joint production of trucks with electric power trains, and for VDL to renew production facilities at DAF.

VDL and DAF Trucks have worked closely together since 1953. DAF initially purchased stamping, spot welding and regular welding services from VDL, but the portfolio of products and services has grown over the years. Today, VDL supplies parts including engine mounts, cable guides, axle supports and exhaust pipe guides. In turn, DAF supplies VDL with 11-litre and 13-litre engines for buses and coaches, to be used all around the world. The new contract – the value of which has not been disclosed – is a result of DAF’s increasing production figures and the expansion of VDL Bus.

One aspect of the contract includes the mutual agreements in relation to the production of trucks with an electric power train. Last year, DAF and VDL jointly presented the DAF CF Electric in response to the increasing demand for zero emissions vehicles for deliveries within urban areas. The new contract also provides for VDL to modernise the assembly line in DAF‘s cab factory in the Belgian city of Westerlo over the next few years.