Verizon Connect eyes further growth in New Zealand

3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 9, 2020

Verizon Connect is eyeing further growth opportunities at its research and development hub in New Zealand. The Christchurch-based company is currently expanding beyond its traditional research and development focus in New Zealand by offering fleet solutions to the rapidly growing transportation and services market.

Verizon Connect began operations in New Zealand as Telogis in 2001, before its acquisition by Verizon, and now boasts offices in 15 countries globally including the US, UK, and Australia.

“We are very proud of our strong roots in New Zealand and our reputation, both inside and outside our business as a leading global research and development hub. We now feel that it‘s more important than ever for fleet businesses to reduce unnecessary costs, such as fuel wastage and high labour costs,” said Greg Newham, Verizon Connect‘s director for Australia and New Zealand.

To help New Zealand businesses operate safely, save money, and increase revenue, Verizon Connect is also offering three months of service free on its fleet management platform and field management solution (Reveal Field and the new Reveal Field Plus).

Reveal Field makes it easy for dispatchers to efficiently schedule and communicate job information to technicians and customers throughout the day, in near-real time. New features available with the Reveal Field Plus bundle provide a simple way for businesses to collect feedback on their services through ratings and reviews and keep customers informed through enhanced last mile notifications. 

The company‘s research and development facility now employs more than 300 software developers in New Zealand and has been pivotal in developing fleet tracking and management solutions globally. Verizon Connect tracks in excess of two million vehicles globally with more than 60,000 vehicles tracked in Australia alone. 

A study by Berg Insight has predicted that the number of fleet management systems is poised to hit the 1.1 million mark in the Australia and New Zealand markets this year. Despite the economic impact of the ongoing pandemic, the fleet management industry has continued to grow rapidly due to the critical service it provides.

“As fleets grow, it becomes more difficult to oversee and control the utilisation of their assets. Many executives in this part of the world still conduct their business in an informal manner, and it is now more timely than ever for businesses of any size to not only improve cost management but also look after the health and safety of a distributed workforce that is often at the coalface of the supply chain.”