Welcome back, Truckin’ Life

In News4 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 1, 2023

Saturday, 5 August, in the heart of the picturesque town of Casino, New South Wales, a symphony of diesel engines and a sea of gleaming chrome created a breathtaking spectacle. The Casino Truck Show, now officially the largest working truck show in the southern hemisphere, took place with 580 trucks entered and judged and a further 40 that missed the registration deadline. Some 620 were in attendance – a cool $300,000,000 worth, according to some estimates.

At the heart of this year’s event lay a revival that has stirred the souls of truck fans: the return of the legendary Truckin’ Life magazine. Once a beacon for trucking enthusiasts nationwide, the magazine chronicled the stories, journeys and innovations that shaped the trucking world. Its pages were a source of inspiration, information, amusement and often a deep sense of camaraderie amongst truck drivers. After a hiatus that left a void in the hearts of many, the magazine’s return resonates with the spirit of the Casino Truck Show, a celebration of heritage, progress, and unity.

“Old-timers reminisced about the days when they would eagerly await each new issue – the stories of trucking adventures, technological breakthroughs, and the tight-knit community that bound them together. The re-imagined magazine pays homage to its roots while embracing the present, offering a perfect companion to the diverse array of trucks on display. The magazine’s pages not only highlight the spectacle of the event but also delve into the lives of those who make the industry what it is today. It’s a harmonious blend of old and new, tradition and innovation, a microcosm of the broader trucking world itself,” commented editor Mike Williams.

“The re-birth of Truckin’ Life at the Casino Truck Show stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of an industry that has been the lifeblood of countless communities. The magazine’s return aligns harmoniously with the show’s celebration of trucks, technology, and camaraderie. It offers a powerful reminder that while trucks are vehicles made of steel, the soul of the industry is woven from the stories of the people who drive them,” he added.

“Beyond the glossy pages, Truckin’ Life embodies a deeper sentiment, a tribute to the resilience of an industry that has weathered storms, navigated through challenges, and continued to drive forward. It signifies the enduring spirit of truckies who brave long hours on the road, bringing goods to communities near and far.”

At a time when print magazines are probably not what they were, with newsagent racks getting smaller, the re-birth of Truckin’ Life has caught a few by surprise. “Thankfully, we can now once again hold in our hands a tangible embodiment of trucking passion and get that Rig of the Month poster and put it up on the wall. We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve been told about the fans who have most, if not all, the issues in binders and boxes and regularly pull one out for a read. There’s nothing quite like it,” Williams said.

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