West Coast constant

In June 2023, Million Mile Club, Iveco2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJuly 19, 2023

The Iveco marque has notched up a stellar reputation on the South Island’s West Coast, quietly getting on with tasks and chores in conditions that make even the strongest feel faint.

No.54 in the Aratuna Freighters fleet is one of those trucks that has helped carve out that reputation. And now, with close to 2,000,000km on the clock, it has definitely earned its membership in the Bridgestone Million Mile Club.

New to the Aratuna Freighters fleet in 2010, No.54 was set up as an 8×4 fuel tanker with matching four-axle trailer and handed over to Chris Newton to pilot. Chris is still at the helm, responsible for virtually every one of those 2,000,000km. The tanker configuration has remained the same throughout No.54’s working career and, as seen climbing the Spooners in the image here, it is still very much hard at it.

Aratuna Freighters general manager Andrew Havill says IVECOs are great all-rounders. “They are a good fleet truck that just gets on and gets the job done. That one has been a good truck – all the typical things that you would expect from a truck that has done that amount of milage and working in our part of the country. It’s had an engine rebuild and a re-manned gearbox, as well as the front diff rebuild. You never touch the rear diff – they just keep going. Yeah, they are just a good all-rounder.”