Western Star unveils 57X

In News, Western Star3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineAugust 5, 2022

Western Star has introduced the latest addition to its X-Series in North America, the all-new 57X.

The on-highway truck joins the new Western Star 47X and 49X to complete the brand’s lineup.

“While the 47X and 49X serve the vocational customer, the 57X was conceived, designed and engineered specifically for owner-operators and small fleets looking for a truck that provides the safety, efficiency, durability and prestige that only Western Star can deliver,” said David Carson, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Daimler Truck North America.

According to Western Star, the 57X is the most fuel-efficient truck the company has built, and is 5.8% more fuel-efficient than its predecessor, the 5700XE.

The 57X gives owners a choice of Detroit engine models, the DD13 Gen 5, DD15 Gen 5 and DD16.

The 57X is available with Detroit Powertrain components including Detroit DT12 Direct or Overdrive AMT transmissions, which reduce fuel consumption and increase efficiency while improving shifting and reducing wear. Intelligent Powertrain Management anticipates terrain and adjusts to road conditions to further maximize efficiencies. Available Detroit front steer and high-speed ratio rear tandem axles also contribute to fuel efficiency and performance while reducing maintenance.

The powertrain efficiency is complemented by new aerodynamic improvements to the cab and chassis.

The new 57X is equipped with safety and connectivity features designed to protect the driver, pedestrians and other motorists, while providing the operator with crucial, real-time information about the vehicle.

It comes standard with the Detroit Assurance 5.0 safety system with Active Brake Assist 5. With Detroit Assurance also comes Adaptive Cruise Control, optional Active Lane Assist (ALA), and Steer Assist that can help reduce fatigue. Additionally, 57X debuts Active Side Guard Assist (ASGA), an industry-first technology designed to mitigate blind side issues during right-hand turns.

All new for Western Star trucks is a digital dash display with a configurable instrument cluster.

Four cab options are available, including Day Cab, 60-inch Mid Roof, 72-inch Mid Roof or 72-inch Stratosphere.

Numerous customisation and bright finish options are available to tailor the truck to the owner or driver’s needs.

Production is planned to begin in early Q1 2023 at DTNA’s Cleveland (N.C.) Truck Manufacturing Plant.