What a year

Another year has gone, and for me, it was significant as it was my first in the hot seat of New Zealand Trucking magazine. It’s been exciting for sure, and I must extend sincere thanks to everyone who’s played a part in making the magazine a success over the year. As the reader, the Kiwi trucking enthusiast we serve each month, I hope you enjoyed the mix of content. As they say, there’s plenty more where that came from…

You will have noticed that this year the magazine was 120 pages or more each month. Every team member behind New Zealand Trucking magazine is incredibly proud to have maintained a high standard throughout, given the increased demand presented by adding just a few extra pages. It’s a direct result of the infectious passion within this industry and the high regard in which it’s held by suppliers and supporting industries – for that, we’re incredibly grateful because, without either, we wouldn’t be in the fortunate position of doing what we do each month. It also goes to prove our belief that print is most certainly not dead!

While New Zealand Trucking magazine has reaffirmed that this year, so has its sister magazine Little Trucker Down Under. The reception in its first year of publication has humbled the team at Long Haul Publications. We continue to receive heart-warming feedback from the schools that receive sponsored copies and from the parents who buy the magazine for their truck-crazed kids. The number of sponsors grows with each issue, meaning more copies reach more kids, helping to nurture the passion within the next generation of truckies.

This year was also significant for us with the launch of Trucking Radio 24/7. This time last year, Dave McCoid wrote that we were on the cusp of launching our new monthly podcast series. The Keep on Moving podcast got off to an enthusiastic start, with Dave joined by broadcasting supremo Murray Lindsay to deliver an entertaining couple of hours of listening. But it didn’t take long for the realisation to dawn that there was a lot more scope in the concept – and so, New Zealand’s only radio station dedicated to the trucking industry was born.

From the off, the response to Trucking Radio 24/7 has truly exceeded expectations. Thank you to its loyal listeners and supporters. You have reaffirmed there’s merit in the idea and a definite need for another trucking-related medium that can be consumed ‘on the go’. The station will continue to evolve throughout 2023, so stay tuned.

As we head into the new year, we thank you again for your continued support and enthusiasm for what we produce. We don’t know what 2023 will hold – people far cleverer than I suggest it’ll be more challenging – but no matter what transpires, we’ll continue to bring you the best of trucking from New Zealand and abroad.

Happy holidays and everything of the best for 2023!

It’s the conclusion of a year that for many of us was a blur. Economies run on confidence and for all the doom the soothsayers may predict, there’s been no let-up as yet in the frenzy that is the business world of today. The continued upward ratcheting of interest rates will at some point have a significant impact, as will the reinstating of non-subsidised operating and living costs. The latter will be the one to watch in terms of its instant effect. If it doesn’t happen, maybe you have the looming 2023 general election to thank.

It’s a frighteningly delicate juggling act. Never has there been a generation so comfortable with debt. Some will sadly learn what a candy house that is.

But here we are at Christmas and all that economy stuff can wait for another day. I concur with everything Gavin said in his comments. We are nothing without our readers, viewers, listeners, customers and sponsors.

Likewise, without our incredible staff, Margaret, Matt and I would have no business.

Thanks also to all our freelance contributors both here and overseas. Their regional knowledge, enthusiasm, and love for the trucking industry is critical to giving our content its true essence.

The energy and belief the staff and contributors infuse into the brand radiates to all who enjoy it. I find it impossible to convey the level of thanks I have for their combined contribution.

In conclusion, I would like to congratulate Gavin on his first year as editor. He’s done a superb job. For someone new to New Zealand just over three years ago, the speed with which he’s picked up the scene here, and the enthusiasm he shows every day is inspiring. A better editor, and more importantly a better person, you will not find.

We all wish every one of you a safe, happy, and restful Christmas and New Year.


Dave McCoid
Editorial Director