In Good On Ya Mate, June 20212 MinutesBy Gavin MyersJuly 6, 2021

In February of this year, Women in Trucking Australia launched its International Women’s Day Awards to recognise and publicly acknowledge female truckies as the resilient, capable, resourceful professionals they are.

This year, 21 female truckies from around Australia each received multiple nominations across two categories – Driver of the Year and Trailblazer Driver of the Year (recognising women who’ve hung up their truck keys). The nominees represented the full spectrum of drivers – from young women to veterans of the industry, operating in environments from metro to outback road train work.

“Women not only maintain successful trucking careers. Many also raise families or care for older relatives at the same time,” says Adelaide-based MC driver and WiTA CEO Lyndal Denny.

With today’s massive social media presence, taking the vocation to the streets via a people’s choice award was deemed the ideal way to shine a light on the nominees, and platforms were predictably abuzz with chatter during the week-long voting period.

“Their inspiring stories on the WiTA Facebook page highlight the enormous contributions these women make to their communities, including volunteering their time and trucking skills to deliver hay to drought-ravaged rural areas, evacuating injured livestock from devastated fire grounds and participating in community fundraisers like Convoy for Kids,” says Lyndal.

More than a million people – 500,000 on Facebook alone – had the opportunity to read the entrants’ quintessentially Australian stories, appreciate trucking as the viable, diverse, challenging, professional and interesting career it is – and vote for their favourite nominees.

According to Lyndal, the calibre of the nominees was outstanding. “These women are all high-performing, skilled ambassadors – advocates and role models for other women considering or advancing their driving careers.”

She believes their contributions have boosted the visibility of female truckies and helped debunk misconceptions that continue to contribute to a nationwide truck driver shortage.


Driver of the Year – Hannah Hughes (McColl’s Transport Chemical Division)
Driver of the Year runner-up – Bianca Clar (Eather Group)
Trailblazer Driver of the Year winner – Jenny Coleman
Trailblazer Driver of the Year runner-up – Michelle “Cuddles” McDonald