Z Energy launches its first biodiesel-only truck stop at Highbrook in Auckland

3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineDecember 10, 2020

For the first time in Z‘s history, the company has made branded biodiesel available to diesel users at the Z Highbrook truck stop in Auckland.

Branded ‘Z Bio D‘, the product is a blend of five percent biodiesel made from a waste feedstock, mixed with 95% regular diesel.

Z‘s general manager of supply, David Binnie, says that converting the pumps to biodiesel at Z Highbrook is part of the company‘s intention to continue delivering on low carbon fuels. “While our biodiesel production plant Te Kora Hou remains in hibernation pending increased customer demand or a more favourable policy environment to support low-carbon fuels, we remain committed to continuing to meet demand for biodiesel from our more forward-thinking customers.

“To do so, we have imported a biodiesel from Australia that is similar to our own to supplement our remaining stocks. While we believe local production capability would be the best outcome for New Zealand‘s low-carbon future, we are pleased to support those customers such as infrastructure firm Dempsey Wood and NZ Post who are using biofuels as an immediate option for reducing their carbon footprint.”

Binnie said that one of the key benefits of biodiesel is its compatibility with existing diesel engines.

“Many of our customers have been seeking lower-carbon options for parts of their fleet that rely on diesel. Z Bio D meets this need, as it complies with New Zealand‘s strict diesel as well as biodiesel specifications, meaning customers can use it with confidence. It also improves lubricity, which reduces engine wear and tear. And the best part is, each tank of Z Bio D has about four percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than a tank of regular diesel,” said Binnie.

Z Business card holders have been notified of the change at Z Highbrook and can use the biodiesel should they wish to use a high-quality fuel that is better for the environment. The company intends on using the initiative to learn more about how customers are using a low-carbon fuel truck stop.

For those customers requiring regular diesel, the Z Highbrook service station continues to sell regular diesel, as do as other Z truck stops in the area.