A demanding task

In October 2023, International Truck of the Year2 MinutesBy Alberto PuertaNovember 29, 2023

The driver’s workload, apart from the responsibility of piloting these European mega combinations, is much higher than that of a normal truck. This is partly due to the lack of adaptation of the logistics and loading points. The length of the scales and dimensions of the facilities means that the driver must hitch and unhook several times to load and unload.

In the duo-trailer, the manoeuvre goes: disconnect the second trailer and unload the first, release it, unhook the dolly to access the second unit, proceed to unload it, and reverse the procedure to assemble the set again. The truth is that it is a crazy task that imposes extra workload on the driver.

Simpler but also complex, the loading and especially the unloading of the B-double mega-trailer, takes advantage of the ingenious double chassis on the first trailer, which allows the fifth wheel to be retracted under the body, making it a ‘normal’ trailer. To do this, the second trailer must be unhooked, and the first trailer’s chassis ‘picked up’ before unloading it. Once unloaded, it is unhooked for the second trailer. Complicated, yes. But much easier to operate than its larger counterpart.

Compared to the two giants, the conventional trailer is plain and simple. All you have to do is pick up the automatic awning, open the safety locks on the rear hatch and proceed to unload just once.

The duo-trailer concepts require the driver to unhitch and unload each trailer individually.